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Product Description

Sophia is the luxurious black shoulder bag that does it all. Grab life by the straps with Sophia, the sleek and stylish shoulder bag that takes you from work to the weekend in sustainable style. Sophia is a petite masterpiece, a compact testament to refined elegance. Its vegan leather, derived from premium sources, not only speaks to our commitment to ethical fashion but also offers a luxuriously soft touch that redefines the tactile experience of a handbag. This exclusive material, carefully chosen for its sustainability and luxuriousness, ensures Sophia is not merely a bag but a statement of refined taste.

Size & Fit

Width: 27cm, Height: 18cm, Depth: 15cm

22cm shoulder strap

Material & Composition

  • Body - Recycled pre-consumer polyurethane textile
  • Lining - textured vegan suede fabric


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Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning Tips

1. Clean it with simply warm water, a soft cloth, and mild soap.
2. Dampen cloth in the soap mixture before gently applying it to the item. Ensure that cloth is damp and not soaking wet.
3. Spot-test cleaning to ensure the cleaning yields favourable outcomes.
4. Wipe off soap with a separate cloth and dry using a soft cloth.

Stain Removal

1. For serious stains, use distilled white vinegar or leather cleaning solutions to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.
2. For water stains, use rubbing alcohol to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.

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Signature Gift Packaging

Eden Reflex's packaging, with a recyclable green silhouette, blends sustainable luxury and vintage-inspired elegance, radiating prestige. Elevate moments with our exclusive gift box – more than packaging, it's the start of treasured memories.